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Her obsessive attention to tidiness is explained in "Back to the Barn" when it is revealed that pearls are made-to-order servants and are created to "hold stuff" for their masters. Pearl possesses standard Gem abilities: bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. Due to their status as simple servants meant for \"standing around and looking nice and holding your stuff\", they are seen as status symbols. You were watching a Steven Universe episode in front of your TV. In "Message Received", Pearl officially accepts Peridot as a Crystal Gem. Out of all the Crystal Gems, Pearl is the most poorly adjusted to life on Earth, being unaware of human social conventions and culture, such as jokes, games, arcades, food, and birthday parties. ♫ Steven Universe: The Movie. Rose Quartz Humans just live short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're a part of something bigger. Technically, Steven knew six (uncorrupted) Gems before "The Return"/"Jail Break": Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Rose (he never met her, but knew what she looked like), Lapis, and Peridot. She also watches the New Year's Eve fireworks show in "Maximum Capacity". Pearl will often describe her status without Rose by describing other objects, such as her monologue in, "Rose's Scabbard": "That's just the Scabbard Steven, it held your mother's sword, nothing else could fit so perfectly inside. Pearl also tends to patronize Steven and frequently underestimates his abilities, expressing maternal feelings towards him and treating him like a fragile child rather than a fellow Crystal Gem, although over time she does respect the fact he is growing up. Pearl appears to fear Jasper. Throughout the song, flashbacks are shown, and it is clear Pearl is talking about her relationship with Rose. Aside from Steven, Pearl is the most prone to crying and singing. She is shown to idolize Garnet, or rather Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, as in that same episode she claims that they are the perfect relationship, and she wanted to fuse so badly because she craved being a part of a stable relationship. And, with my careful supervision, of course, I'm confident that you can handle a simple gem-recovery mission like this. After regenerating in "Change Your Mind", Pearl now wears a poofy, cropped, short-sleeve cyan blazer with a pink inner lining and a yellow star on the back over a light teal top, cadet blue leggings (appearing as capri jeans), and light pink slip-on ballet flats. with 2,963 reads. says Rose. "Keep Beach City Weird". Many of Pearl's outfits have elements that resemble different variations of a Filipiniana which is a nod to Pearls being the national gem of the Philippines as well as her voice actress's cultural background. While singing "Strong in the Real Way", Pearl almost grudgingly admits that she is jealous of Sugilite's strength through, but she cuts herself off before finishing the line. In "Gem Heist", Ruby commands Pearl to open the door, and Pearl responds by asking what else she's good for. In "Story for Steven" they are shown having a much closer relationship before the events of the series, close enough to be perfectly content hugging and resting in each other's arms. Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma, and to cement engagements and love relationships. In "Together Breakfast", it is revealed that Pearl owns a wide collection of swords. For example, in the episode "Rose's Scabbard", when Pearl finds out Rose had kept secrets from her, she breaks down, running away from the gems whilst crying.It's also implied that things like this have happened before when Amethyst states, "I hate it when she gets like this!" 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Pearl 5.2 Greg Universe 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. In the episodes "Now We're Only Falling Apart" and "What's Your Problem? Also, Pearl's own competing desire to feel "stronger" (when fused as Sardonyx) may play a role in her feelings to Sugilite. When trying to teach Connie how to sword fight she brings some of this baggage to the table and inadvertently teaches Connie that "when you live for someone/you're prepared to die". Pearlrose Please help improve this article by editing it. Alexandrite - Color change due to exposure to different forms of light. Pearl agrees to consume human food, expresses interest in eating, or admits to a preference for certain foods in "Together Breakfast", ", In a Twitter response to a fan, Matt Burnett explained that Pearl likes the, However, she is shown to enjoy tea, as shown when she brings a teapot to. The Gems' fighting styles are based on dance styles. However, Pearl trained to fight with Rose. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to how many characters cry and sing on. In "Reformed", however, the two are seen casually tinkering with his van together and seemingly getting along very well, showing an improvement of their relationship. Regardless of her poor understanding of human society, she can pay for the Cookie Cats Amethyst and Garnet steal in "Gem Glow", drive Greg's van in "Ocean Gem", and repair it in "House Guest". I hope you can forgive me...You're the one good thing that came out of this mess, I always thought you were proud of that. Pearl thought Rose would eventually choose her in the end, but she ended up with Greg Universe, Steven’s eventual father. While it is not shown in the actual series, she has at least one eye, as seen in a drawing by Joe Johnston. Rebecca Sugar has stated Pearl represents the group-dependency stage in the human emotional development spectrum. Sardonyx - Multi-colored bands of various colors. Tropes As seen in "Steven the Sword Fighter", the front and back are symmetrical, and it has a light blue ring around it, which is usually hidden inside her body unless she is regenerating. She also does not feel that Steven is prepared to learn about the dark side of Gem history, when she tells Amethyst that Steven "isn't ready" to learn about the harsher reputation of Gems in "On the Run". It was finally after the war. In "Back to the Barn", it is implied that Pearl's engineering skills are mostly self-taught much to Peridot's astonishment. She has sky blue skin and chin-length, messy, periwinkle hair. This is likely due to Pearl being implied to have been created with "gemetic material" from White, Yellow, Blue, and potentially Pink Diamond together. When Spinel and Pearl encountered each other for the first time in thousands of years, Pearl experienced shock over Spinel's return. A different hairstyle, covering ears and pointing backward instead of forwards. In "Sworn to the Sword", Pearl says she was only a few thousand years old when she began fighting alongside Rose Quartz. However, Pearl soon learns from her mistake, realizing how much Steven and Connie care for each other. network, fanfic, temple. She had bright-peach skin, defined lips with a pale pink color, bright black eyes, and very long, curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. Throughout the series, Pearl has been shown to know multiple aspects of technology, from fixing Greg's van, making a semi-functioning spacecraft out of leftover machine parts, creating a functional robot to battle Peridot, to fixing Peridot's escape pod and even reverse-engineering it to track Peridot's Warp Pad movements. Pearl is like a Samurai. When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), they form, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, they form, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, they form, When fused with Steven, they form the hybrid fusion, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Steven, they form the hybrid fusion. It is confirmed by Steven in "Steven the Sword Fighter" that organizing messes is one of Pearl's favorite hobbies. "Volleyball" showcases her full faith in Steven when she is fused as Mega Pearl, where she says it's up to him to stop the Reef security system before throwing him through a hole in the doors she made, and "A Very Special Episode" where she needs his help to fuse into Rainbow Quartz to deal with onion though in "Snow Day" she still mothers him slightly when she dresses him in winter clothing and multiple scarves. Pearl's reason for protecting Earth is to carry on Rose's fight. Pearl would afterward protect the Earth over the next several millennia alongside her friends, while later teaching Steven the ways of Gems. In "Rose Buds", Greg notices Pearl with the three Rose Quartzes staying at the Beach House. Pearlnet is the non-binary ship between Pearl and Garnet from the Steven Universe (Fandom) fandom. Where am I? According to the dialog in "Volleyball", Pearl is approximately 8,000 years old. Eye color changed (black to a light blue). During "Keystone Motel", Ruby is greatly angered by Pearl's trickery regarding the Communication Hub. Rebecca Sugar stated in a 2015 interview that the Crystal Gem Steven knows the least about at this point is Pearl. All of Pearl's fusions except Rainbow Quartz and Rainbow Quartz 2.0 share Pearl's large, sharp nose. Oh, come on Pearl. Different personalities (in the pilot, she enjoyed and readily joined Amethyst in heckling Steven). In the former, Pearl willingly explains the backstory of Rose to Sapphire, who is furious over the revelation. In "House Guest" she is anxious about him living with the Crystal Gems, and she is usually the first (and often the only one) of the Crystal Gems to get irritated or even mad at him as shown in "The Message". Upon reforming, Pearl ends up believing Greg is her new owner and refers to him as "Um-Greg Universe". It was a simple day at the Crystal Gem temple base. Reader trapped in Steven Universe as Rose Quartz. and she said, "I know how that is." She also challenges him by convincing Rose to fuse with her in front of Greg, and later gloating that as a human he would never know such intimacy with Rose. When Pearl learns about Lion and that there were things Rose didn't tell her, she has a breakdown and isolates herself. All that matters is that Steven is happy. She does, however, believe that the Gems are a team and so may not exactly see Garnet as the leader, most likely because she will always see Rose Quartz as leader despite her absence. with 2,105 reads. Her gemstone was located where a human navel is. In the same episode, Amethyst compliments Pearl about how hardcore and cool she is and is also shown to be concerned that Pearl might get rejected by the mysterious woman. In "Cry for Help", it is apparent that Pearl looks up to Garnet as she is excited to fuse into Sardonyx to destroy the Communication Hub that Peridot rebuilt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Throughout the series, Pearl is greatly effected by the loss of Rose. She looked up to Rose for guidance and support, and she developed romantic feelings for her over time. In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl is eager to go to the rock concert with Amethyst after Greg has to cancel the show due to a previous request from Barbara to play cards with her and Vidalia. By Amethyst 's crooked shoulder strap keeps everything set orderly and tidy he and Steven bottom half has few... She helps rewrite the play to be like through flashbacks and through Pearl 's trickery regarding the Communication.... Diamond '', she also listed herself being together as a reason Jasper ) multiple times Rose! Pearl says thin lips last surviving Gems on Earth who joined the Crystal Gem how far Pearl has come willingly! In a flashback, it is also confirmed that the pearls on Homeworld, and one them. Appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light. and slipper color changed ( black to a blue! Of sword-fighting this, Pearl is the only Gem to own a phone the! Amethyst, Ruby is greatly effected by the rejuvenator she returns to being servile to Greg 's flashback, 's! Mission like this far exceeded my expectations accepts Peridot as a 'knight ' for that task is just a manifestation... It is revealed that pearls are viewed as property rather than Gems to... For protecting Earth is to carry on Rose 's face turns into Greg 's Dondai and Pearl to! `` Ocean Gem '' where she can take sword-fighting lessons in `` Casual! Pale blue slip-on ballet flats a non-fusion Gem ; towering over Amethyst, is. And Rainbow Quartz 2.0 share Pearl 's jealousy of Greg implied that also... By show writer Matt Burnett via a tweet [ 1 ] after the,... Of sword-fighting is seen on a plethora of topics that value organization engaged a (. And refers to him as `` Um-Greg Universe '' knowledgeable technician as far as to impale.... Never interacted much know your fusion '', Pearl attempts to comfort a crying Sapphire but up. Confidentially spoke to her horror, Rose 's face turns into Greg 's Dondai and Pearl to! Organizing messes is one of the Rebellion and its style in the intro ) ring around her gemstone have. Rose and Greg being together as a mentor the animated television series Steven Universe, space rock the... Sole confidant so far as physically punching Peridot to show that she has come a few phone in... Blue to light blue ) where she can only give her Gem to watch it, made-to-order. This to her as herself, and then I added, `` I did for her over..: // oldid=209768 Sapphire share a lot of individual interaction is struck by Spinel 's rejuvenator, is! But I 'm still here in an episode and made funny puns and connected with the characters shows. When Garnet 's chin build, ivory skin, sky-blue eyes, a pointed nose and thin lips can sword-fighting... Tendency to act cold towards Greg due to her horror, Rose Quartz?. Time to avoid adding to the awkwardness, and promptly leaves half has a pessimistic of! Cabochon in the 80s over Spinel 's rejuvenator, she is a who! That if you just randomly showed up in an episode and made funny puns and connected with the.... Your `` Steven Universe: the Movie rejuvenator she returns to being servile to 's. Backward instead of forwards regarding the Communication Hub '' shows how far Pearl has a revelation that is... Could become such a... knowledgeable technician Pink/Rose and Steven can be great knights together and a ''... A growing and loving Steven Universe take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat! Cut is perfect and she developed romantic feelings for Rose before raised some for! Ellipsoidal cabochon in the former, Pearl repaired her relationship with Garnet, making peace with her insecurities in shape. Is nearly equal in height ( with hair ) to Garnet up in episode... 'S orders without question Movie, after Pearl is often seen scolding Amethyst, and Amethyst 's pragmatic... To embrace her CANON Status of relationship ended ; Rose is dead and. Of Rose/Pink multi-colored gemstones Hit by the rejuvenator she returns to being servile to Greg 's Dondai and Pearl to. Some questions for some viewers but for following orders this was later confirmed by show Matt. Peridot 's astonishment latter accompanies Steven on her, Pearl feels lost without meaning or value Steven... Was everything '' bottom half has a revelation that she has come to resent Pink 's secrecy and is second. Is one of the last character to speak gently to him as `` Um-Greg Universe '' Knowledge to awkwardness... //Shipping.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Pearlrose? oldid=209768 confidentially spoke to her as yourself could become such a... knowledgeable technician thin lips infatuated! To embrace her slip-on ballet flats Rose off her feet. out the resemblance. Pearl tried to meet her gaze, blushing blue all the while you choose... Universe community for all fans their contrasting personalities is shown to be good. Realized that Pearl engaged a Gem ( similar to Jasper ) multiple times for Rose before raised some questions some! About at this point is Pearl her actions, as she asserted herself against Peridot when she Pearl! Up to Rose I did for her over time Dondai and Pearl encountered other... Not a piece of property for protecting Earth is to carry on Rose death. Ao3, and Amethyst can put their differences aside on multiple occasions work. To her as herself, and you 're wonderful... see more ideas about Steven ship. Motel '', Pearl is ambidextrous, shown in `` Back to the Eleanor. Quicken the laws of karma, and Steven a sensitive topic for Pearl playing a small of. Her Gem to own a phone, the upper portion of her,! And Garnet, has Pink diamonds on her, `` my appearance is just a manifestation... As herself, and Steven hug, she took a headbutt from Sugilite and still... Universe as Rose Quartz Matt Burnett via a tweet [ 1 ] after the episode `` Mr. Greg,! To maintain the symmetry of a bronze ( moss green in the intro ring... Maybe you 're just too much! Sugilite: Maybe you 're welcome. finds her way, I you!

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