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Shapers gain access to the most bizarre AI breakers yet in Alpha and Omega; as of yet, these are seen mostly as curiosities by the community at large, but there's no denying their potential strength. Identities: GRNDL: Power Unleashed (Weyland), Notable Cards: Blackguard, Blackmail, Subliminal Messaging, Wraparound, Deck Support: Blackguard decks (Criminal), Bad Publicity (Anarch), Super Modernism (Weyland). More than the identities, though, the Anarch cards in this deck that stand out are the "cutlery" suite of ice destruction events, and their ferocious AI Eater (particularly when comboed with Keyhole (True Colors) for maximum brutality). Purchase Tier: The Jinteki cards in this pack are excellent, and anyone who's diving into the Lunar Cycle might want e3 for their Runner, but everyone else can probably skip this Tier 3 pack for a whle. Overall, this pack is usually picked up early, particularly for players struggling to make powerful Corporation decks. For the Runner, the highlights are Keyhole (which provides an interesting and very powerful new way to attack the Corp's central servers) and Garrote (which offers a very powerful, if expensive, Sentry breaker). Notable Cards: Hostage, Lockpick, Celebrity Gift, Jackson Howard. Overall Thoughts: As with the first pack of previous cycles, Kala Ghoda suffers a bit from being our first introduction to a number of themes from the cycle, without being able to fully realize those themes. The Runner factions each get a new Cybernetics card. When the first deluxe expansion was released, players quickly picked up on a problem: there are four Corp factions, but only three Runner factions. Deck Support: Core Set NBN, Grail Ice (all Corps), all Runners. Each game is played as a battle between a megacorporation and a hacker ("runner") in a duel to take control of data. The Mumbad Cycle follows the same formula as the SanSan Cycle before it, with each pack being mechanically and thematically tied together. This week, Root Cause is making its first birthday! The Runner is similarly compensated with lots of widely-useful cards (Test Run, Personal Workshop, Emergency Shutdown), as well as one of the better identities in the game (Chaos Theory) and her powerful pet console, Dinosaurus. Please post bug reports and feature requests on Github, You may contribute by giving money on Paypal. The cards also mesh perfectly with the Core Set cardpool. Overall Thoughts: While not as flashy as some of the cards in Breaker Bay, Old Hollywood does a decent job of providing for just about everyone. Root Cause is a series of bi-weekly Android: Netrunner articles about deck building, strategy and tactical decision, for new and mid-level Anarch players. Have any rules questions? Power Shutdown also plays a pivotal role (alongside Jackson Howard and Accelerated Diagnostics) in a new breed of HB combo decks which try to score all 7 agenda points in a single incredible turn. Overall Thoughts: Mala Tempora presents a few unique opportunities for both the Corp and the Runner, but (as has been the theme so far for the Spin Cycle) it seems to present more strength for the Corp. Aside from the final missing pieces of Caissa decks (Knight, the Caissa breaker which has seen a lot of play as a splashable breaker, and Deep Red, which provides a massive increase in efficiency for all Caissa cards), the Runner cards revolve around overcoming the information imbalance built into the game. How much this affects you depends entirely on your interest in competitive play: those who play just at home with their friends need not worry at all, while those who are mostly interested in the tournament scene will need to keep this in mind. Those will be listed here. Identities: Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer (Jinteki), Nisei Division: The Next Generation (Jinteki), Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within (Jinteki), Iain Sterling: Retired Spook (Criminal), Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone (Criminal), Silhouette: Stealth Operative (Criminal), Notable Cards: House of Knives, Shi.Kyu, Komainu, Guard, Fast Track, Calling in Favors, Early Bird, Logos, Alias/Breach/Passport, Deck Support: Jinteki net damage, Psi games, and Horizontal decks, Criminal Connections decks, Expose decks, and Central-only decks. This ambush lets the Corp spend X credits to give the Runner a terrible choice: either take X net damage or gain Shi.Kyu as an agenda worth -1 points, making it the first card in the game to give negative agenda points. A: List of cards in the Core Set. Thus, most players pick up one or two extra copies of the core set. Overall, most of the power in this pack comes from supplementing or thwarting strategies which have developed over the past two cycles. Finally, it's also worth noting that the core set and deluxe expansions will never rotate out, meaning that these are wise investments regardless of your desired style of play. Android: Netrunner The Card Game Android: Netrunner is a two-player Living Card Game® set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests.. Neuste Kundenmeinungen zu Android Netrunner LCG. For the Corp, power abounds, focusing in particular on harsh punishments for aggressive Runners: Shock and Tsurugi provide plenty of painful net damage, TGTBT is the game's second Ambush agenda and fits perfectly in a tag-heavy NBN deck, and Punitive Counterstrike is about as painful as you can get, adding another piece to the Weyland arsenal of ways to flatline a Runner in meatspace. Mit der Erfahrung beider Spieler steigt auch die Spannung, denn nur, wenn jeder sein Handwerk beherrscht, sind die Aktionen entsprechend abgestimmt, um den Gegner in Bedrängnis zu bringen. Many people recommend this pack as a first buy due to him alone, but the rest of the packs are only moderately powerful. Meanwhile Blacklist and Student Loans (to a lesser degree) have seen play in damage decks designed to lock the Runner out of one of her favorite tricks, and Breaker Bay Grid supercharges HB advertisement economy (and any other deck that relies on high-cost assets). Street Peddler (the other Anarch card in this pack) is no slouch either, offering Anarch-style instant-speed installation to fuel surprise Parasites (Core) or other nasty surprises mid-run. Clanky - A card info fetching bot for /r/netrunner, Tournament Winning Decklists on, 2016 /r/Netrunner Promo Trading Post 1.0 and 2.0, A subreddit for the customizable (deck building) card game Android: Netrunner by FantasyFlight Games. While relatively few of these cards are used in high-level play (Lady, Rex, Daily Business Show, and Executive Bootcamp being the most popular), this pack is nevertheless a great addition to a growing cardpool, earning it a Tier 1 rating. Lucky Find in particular is widely used in decks running Prepaid VoicePAD (Second Thoughts), a hardware which makes it incredibly efficient economy. Only time will tell. Purchase Tier: It's easier to list the weak cards from this pack than to enumerate all of its strengths. Is it better to pick up the packs in publication order or just aim for certain ones you think will feed into your favorite decks? Look through the page for a recent "Find players" thread. Alias, Breach, and Passport (often referred to as "Central Breakers") give Criminals access to powerful new icebreakers with a unique twist: they can only be used on ice on central servers. This pack offers something useful for almost any deck you could build, though players who are having trouble building interesting or competitive Corp decks may want to grab something else first because the power level is lower than in other packs. For the faction-specific Alliance cards, the requirement is to have included six other non-Alliance cards from that faction in your deck, while the Neutral Alliance cards each have their own unique requirements. With the exception of hardcore Jinteki fans, this is definitely a pack to finish up a collection rather than being one to start with. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. Though some predicted the cycle might just restart with NBN and Shaper, and others predicted a set of Neutral Runner cards, the reality was something few of us could have guessed: Three mini Runner factions, self-contained in one deluxe expansion, each with a dramatically different flavor and feel than any of the other Runner factions. First we have Apex, a sentient virus that is hell-bent on devouring everything it encounters. LotR LCG New Player Buying Guide by TalesFromTheCards. Im Gegenteil. Still, there is a decent level of power in the cards here, especially the Corp cards, and it's likely that these cards will only grow in power as the cycle plays out. The power and ubiquity of these Political assets (plus other feature Corp cards like Political Dealings and Mumbad City Hall), the ready-made Criminal archetype, and the two asset counters included in this pack all add up to make it the strongest pack of the cycle thusfar, and the first one worthy of a Tier 1 rating. I made this spread sheet of Tiers for each faction, each Tier representing the availability of the cards to all factions in this format. The three identities complement three different types of Runner: Aggressive (Ken grants extra credits for playing Run events, and has above-average influence to spend), Surgical (Silhouette's text benefits the Runner most when they can use the expose to their advantage), and Conservative (with Iain arguably being the first identity to reward the player for being behind). Snitch is a particularly interesting combo piece that works well with Blackguard (Fear and Loathing) and Au Revoir (The Source). Throughout the first cycle of the game's life, most win/loss statistics (and gut feelings) showed the Corp fighting an uphill battle against Runners that seemed to have all the tricks they needed. Overall Thoughts: If you enjoy playing NBN and the tagging mechanic they're so fond of, this is the set for you. Fall Guy is another card worth mentioning as a safety net for your most important resources, and a particularly powerful addition with the release of Armand "Geist" Walker (The Underway). Another very thematic cycle, the SanSan cycle introduced the concept of thematically-connected data packs (rather than theme being something considered only at the cycle level). It was named in honor of Sam "Root" Groves, the character from CBS' show Person of Interest. Those currents released in this pack are largely skewed in power towards the Corp, with devastating currents like Enhanced Login Protocol, Cerebral Static, and Targeted Marketing far out-pacing Net Celebrity (arguably the best of the three Runner currents). Press J to jump to the feed. that will show up when someone mouses-over your flair. Overall Thoughts: Business First is a diverse pack, introducing a number of new ideas into the meta. Use our weekly Find A Player threads (posted Saturdays) to search for other players in your area, rather than making a separate post. People who favor deck-building will probably want to jump in and get a pack or two very quickly, since the core set is very limited in its options. Aber Android Netrunner ist und bleibt ein Spiel, das ich immer und immer und immer wieder spielen könnte. Identities: Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar (Shaper), Deck Support: Connections-based decks, HB Asset-economy decks. Purchase Tier: Tier 2. On the Runner side, most of the pack is devoted to interesting tricks and new tactics for the Runner: DDoS to prevent the Corp from rezzing ice, Surfer to wreck havoc on the Corp's ice layout, DaVinci to reward aggressive Shaper decks, and Fisk Investment Seminar to push too many options into the Corp's hand at once are all interesting and potentially useful components to a variety of decks. In addition to his console and the final piece to his "Breaking and Entering" suite of programs, Criminals also get two neat tricks in Drive By (particularly useful in the asset-heavy SanSan and Mumbad meta) and Gang Sign. Sie passen perfekt und liegen gut in der... Bewertung vom 17.12.20. On one hand, NBN gets some incredibly interesting and thematic cards in this box, and there's a non-trivial amount of neutral support for Corps. Core Set: Presumably you've got one copy of the Core Set in your possession, because it's all-but-impossible to play the game without one. Each of these identities gets several powerful helper cards and plays of themes already present in the cardpool for the faction, making this perhaps the strongest Corp set of any of the deluxe expansions. Check the NetrunnerDB Card Page for just a few of the incredible things this card can enable out of decks designed to take advantage of it. Unlike FFG's other Living Card Games, Netrunner doesn't require that you pick up the "big box" expansion before getting the data packs from that cycle. Overall, this is a great introductory pack for the themes of the Mumbad cycle so far, and should be purchased whenever the player is planning to dive into this cycle. Below are some answers to each of these questions, followed by an extensive look at each data pack. Weyland gets a new Public agenda in New Construction (this one geared towards wider play), and the key piece of their new Mumbad Fast-Advance deck in Mumbad Construction Co., which lets them turn credits and time directly into advancement counters on face-up cards -- like, for instance, all these fancy new Public agendas they've been receiving. IT Department is one notable exception here: this powerful asset lets the Corp turn clicks into stopping power, quickly creating situations where the Runner simply can't get through a server no matter how good their economy is. Wir freuen uns, Dich für die Android Netrunner. (True Colors) and/or Shi.Kyu (Honor and Profit) to harry the Runner further). Overall Thoughts: This pack offers a mid-tier card for each Corp faction, all of which support playstyles already introduced in earlier sets. Adam is a Haas Bioroid gone rogue. While at the time of its release this box likely would have fallen somewhere between Honor & Profit and Creation & Control, it has come to perhaps surpass even C&C in its versatility: The Anarch cards in this box feel every bit as versatile and powerful as the Shaper cards from C&C, but where the HB cards in C&C are all but forgotten, the Weyland identities and cards in this pack continue to show up frequently enough that it deserves a Tier 1 rating. Simple as that. Beyond those, there's enough support to keep the other factions happy: Surge is a welcomed piece of the Virus-heavy Anarch toolbox (though it is overshadowed by additions from Order and Chaos) and Quality Time offers powerful and easily-splashed card draw. Blue Sun, the Weyland identity, has seen plenty of play as an economic engine (particularly when combined with Oversight AI (A Study In Static) to jumpstart their economy), but is a more complicated Weyland identity than most and one which benefits most from a large and diverse cardpool. Alternatively, you can check out the Project NISEI Patreon . Finally, Runners have a legitimate reason to include Data Dealer (Core) and Frame Job (Opening Moves) in their decks. Into that zeitgeist strode Jackson "Action Jackson" Howard, an easily splashable and easily underestimated Corp card that offered a wealth of new tricks and counters all in one package. Purchase Tier: The overall level of power here is pretty low, outside of specific decktypes (Stealth and Connection decks mostly). You don't need to pick up packs in order; if there are particular factions which appeal to you, feel free to focus on data packs which favor them. Most of the neutral runner cards from this set have also seen wide play since their release: Daily Casts and Dirty Laundry provide click-efficient economy and Same Old Thing helps save deck space and influence by serving as an extra copy of any event. Android Netrunner Lcg: What Lies Ahead Data Pack Starship Entertainment [KIHNO ALBUM] Monsta X - FATAL LOVE (Vol.3) + Extra Photocards Set Schiffe aus Korea, Republik of; Erscheinungsdatum: 2020.11.03. Overall Thoughts: True Colors continues the theme of Spin Cycle, giving each Corp power while giving each Runner variety, in a continuing effort to ensure balance and variance among the meta. See the rules wiki. Maintained by NISEI. Q: What should I buy to start? Dyson Fractal Generator and Silencer finally round out the suite of stealth credit generation, while Power Nap and Lucky Find offer financial benefits from Double events. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Purchase Tier: This pack has a lot of decent cards and a handful of mediocre ones, but nothing here is all that powerful. With two and a half cycles released already, there are a number of great packs that can quickly boost the overall power level of your cardpool. Purchase Tier: This is a hard one to rank; the Runner cards are revolutionary while the Corp cards are much more focused in-faction. See the rules wiki for full guidelines. Overall this is a pretty strong pack, but its lack of meaningful cards for a couple factions and it's lack of true power cards keep it from being an ideal early purchase. Overall Thoughts: This is the Humanity's Shadow of the SanSan Cycle, in that the pack is chock full of useful Runner cards and desperately missing anything viable for the Corps. These counters are particularly important given the Corp side of this pack, which introduces Political assets, cheap to rez and cheap to trash assets which have very powerful effects if they're not protected by ice. Should you get the big boxes first, or buy all the data packs in a particular cycle? No personal selling/buying/trading posts. 1st after round; 2nd after top A loving mother and professional security analyst, Sunny uses corporate tools and contacts (plus her inherent 2 link) to poke and prod at the strongest servers and find the holes in their security. Another route to take is to buy all of the Deluxe Expansions (Creation & Control, Honor & Profit, Order & Chaos, and Data & Destiny) first before digging into the data packs. Red Sands Tier List - Blood and Water // Bad Publicity. For the Corp, there are a handful of strong ice: Architect sees wide play for its powerful and unique subroutines, Changeling gives fast-paced Weyland decks a way to force the Runner to dig for multiple breakers early, Jinteki gets a few strong expensive ice, and NBN gets its first Trap ice in Universal Connectivity Fee, which will only see more play once Data & Destiny is released. Advanceable Ice also got perhaps their best identity yet in Titan Transnational which, when combined with the new Firmware Upgrades, offers the easiest method of advancing ice in the game. If you enjoy the mechanics and in-game interaction (as opposed to the pre-game deckbuilding), you should hold off until you've really got a solid grasp of the core set and have a notion of what type of deck you might want to build. At the end of the day, though, this pack lives and dies on the strength of currents, and your decision to pick up the pack will likely be entirely determined by your thoughts on this new mechanic. Even London Library has found use in some gimmicky decks. Purchase Tier: Though a few factions (Shaper and HB in particular) miss out on the best toys in this pack, there are a plethora of great cards in here that should boost most deck types considerably. Purchase Tier: This pack is the definition of Tier 3: It heavily favors Weyland decks, particularly the Blue Sun identity (Up and Over), but most other decktypes (Runner or Corp) will find little here to use immediately, unless you plan to build around them. Overall Thoughts: Second Thoughts is a pack that is decidedly lopsided at first glance; the Runner gets one powerful card (Prepaid VoicePAD, a staple in the powerful "Prepaid Kate" deck archetype) and a handful of new cards that feel like their time hasn't quite come yet: Bishop seems to be the least-important piece in Caissa decks, Leviathan needs more huge Code Gates before it becomes economical, Hard At Work is generally seen as a very poor card (even with the introduction of Adjusted Chronotype from The Valley), and Copycat is a nifty utility program which nonetheless sees almost zero play. Identities: Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (Shaper), Notable Cards: Test Run, Personal Workshop, Emergency Shutdown, Project Vitruvius, Deck Support: Weyland Advanceable ice, Noise Workshop (Anarch), Shapers of all stripes. Notably for non-Weyland fans, this box includes Traffic Accident, a staple in most NBN meat damage decks (known colloquially as "Butchershop" decks), and Cyberdex Virus Suite, a powerful anti-Virus counter card that sees widespread play as a one-of in many tournament decks. Ive been listening to the San San South podcast, and they discussed the idea of different formats of game-play and deck-building for Netrunner. Note: Several of the cards in this pack have received a meaningful boost in power with the first half of the Mumbad cycle, so if you're planning to buy into that cycle heavily, you may consider picking this one up soon after. After the obvious issue of cost (can you afford to buy one/some/all of the packs? The general idea is that the cardpool for competitive tournaments will be limited to a maximum of seven cycles: as soon as the first pack for cycle #8 is released, the first two cycles of the game will be dropped from the rotation, and unusable for competitive tournament play.

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