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Five trains operate on the Pune Junction-Talegaon route, and 18 trains operate on the Pune Junction-Lonavla route. The eastern part of the district has been historically drought-prone, but irrigation provided by dams, canals and wells have made agriculture less dependent on rainfall. The dancers primarily came from the Mang and Mahar castes. Ambemohar, a mango-scented rice grown in Bhor taluka and areas near the Western Ghats, is popular throughout Maharashtra. Total geographical area is 15643.00 Ha. On the leeward side of the Western Ghats, it extends to the Deccan Plateau on the east. Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra, India and the ninth largest city in the country. Although Pune city has population of 3,124,458; its urban / metropolitan population is 5,057,709 of which 2,656,240 are males and 2,401,469 are females. On the southern fringe of the city, he built a palace on the Parvati Hill, developed a garden known as Heera Baug, and dug a lake near the hill with a Ganesha temple on an island in its centre which is called Sarasbaug. These estimates represent the Urban agglomeration of Pune, which typically includes Pune's population in addition to adjacent suburban areas. Major stations on this route are at Loni Kalbhor and Urali Kanchan. There are 21,51,503 houses in the district. As per the Census India 2011, Purandhar Taluka has 51259 households, population of 235659 of which 119906 are males and 115753 are females. Poona a socio-economic survey part I. In 1781, after a city census, a household tax (gharpatti) was levied on the more affluent: one-fifth to one-sixth of the property value. Pune district had a population of 9,429,408 in the 2011 census, roughly equal to the nation of Benin. Total number of households in Pune District are 2151503. List of dams and reservoirs in Maharashtra, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dr. D.Y. [121] Eight passenger trains run between Pune Junction and Daund as suburban trains, making the Pune-Daund section a third suburban route. Pune. It also has a large automotive industry and it's the headquarters for the Automotive Research Association of India. He was succeeded on the Marathi throne by his eldest son, Sambhaji, in 1680. [28][29][30] Kondadeo died in 1647, and Shivaji became his father's deputy. [47] The Bhimthadi (or Deccani) horse was developed in the region under Maratha rule by crossing Arabian and Turkic breeds with local ponies.[48][49]. Total area of Pune is 15,643 km² including 14,826.80 km² rural area and 816.20 km² urban area. Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute 43 (1984): 17-36. sfn error: no target: CITEREFSarkar,_Shivaji_and_His_Times1920 (. [55], Nanasaheb built a lake in Katraj, on the city's outskirts, and a still-operational underground aqueduct to bring water from the lake to Shaniwar Wada. Gorman, M., 1971. It is 2 nd Largest District in the State by population. [59] Although the kotwal's salary was as high as 9,000 rupees per month, it included officer salaries (mainly from the Ramoshi caste). Vol. In 1928, a relay station was built in Khadki to relay telegraph signals for the Imperial Wireless Chain. Major dams are on the Kukadi, Pushpavati, Ghod, Bhima, Pavna, Bhama, Mula, Mutha (the Temghar and Khadakwasla Dams) and Mose.[93]. The district court is also a Sessions Court for criminal matters. Pune, formerly known as Poona , is the second largest city in the Indian State of Maharashtra, after Mumbai, and the eighth most populous city in India, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020. Technology and Culture, 12(4), pp. Elphinstone and other British officers enjoyed Saswad and the fertile valley around it. [56] The city received an underground sewage system in 1782 which discharged into the river. Nanasaheb also developed new commercial, trading, and residential localities: Sadashiv Peth, Narayan Peth, Rasta Peth and Nana Peth. Inscriptions at Karla and Junnar suggest that in the early part of the Common Era, the area was controlled by the Shaka ruler Nahapana. The system has two routes: from Pune Junction to Lonavala and to Talegaon. Each of these temples have its own individual legend and history. In 1950, the population of Pune was 580,848. Boundries Ahmadnagar district on north-east,Solapur district on the south-east, Satara district on south, Raigad district on the west and Thane district on the northe-west. [2] Pune has a sex ratio of 910 females to every 1,000 males,[2] and a literacy rate of 87.19 percent.[2]. Pune District population constituted 8.39 percent of total Maharashtra population. Pune District is situated in Maharashtra state. Amongst the chieftains was Maloji, who was made a raja in 1595; the districts of Pune and Supa were given to him as a jagir (fief). [106] In 2008, General Motors, Volkswagen and Fiat built plants near Pune. It's not uncommon in the country for female pregnancies to be aborted once the parents learn of the gender. Maratha influence waned after the disastrous 1761 Battle of Panipat, and the Nizam of Hyderabad looted the city. Pune District is in the state of Maharashtra, India. June is the driest month, and the agricultural sector is considered vulnerable until 20 September. [4] Many ancient trade routes linking ports in western India (particularly those of coastal Konkan) with the Deccan Plateau pass through the district. History of the Marathas, Vol. The eighth largest metropolises in India, Pune is located in the state of Maharashtra. [71][72] Lavani used to be essential part of Holi celebrations in the region's Peshwa courts.[73]. Urban population comprises 58.08% of the total population. At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 78.17% of the population in the district spoke Marathi, 10.00% Hindi, 1.89% Urdu, 1.40% Kannada, 1.34% Marwari, 1.30% Telugu and 1.15% Gujarati as their first language.[97]. During the 1660s, the Mughals under Aurangzeb began paying attention to Shivaji. 247-250. Shivaji's grandson, Shahu I, appointed the Chitpavan Brahmin Balaji Vishwanath as his Peshwa in 1714. Two canals were dug on each riverbank to irrigate land east of the city and supply drinking water to the city and its cantonment. As per 2011 Census, the population of Pune Metropolitan Region was 50,57,709 (50.57 lakhs). [114] The Pune Municipal Corporation began a bus rapid transit system (India's first) in 2006, but it encountered a number of difficulties. The district has three government hospitals (Sassoon Hospital, Budhrani and Dr. Ambedkar Hospital) and a number of private hospitals, including MJM Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Jahangir Hospital, Sancheti Hospital, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, KEM Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic and Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital. The total population of Pune District is 9,429,408 out of which urban population is 5,751,182 while rural is 3,678,226. Winter runs from November to February. Temperatures usually hover around 7 to 12 °C (45 to 54 °F), sometimes dipping to 3 °C (37 °F). The district has three cantonments, in Pune, Khadki and Dehu Road. The area adjacent to the Western Ghats gets more rain than areas further east. The Bombay-Poona line was electrified in the 1920s; this cut travel time between the cities to three hours, enabling day trips for events such as the Poona races. PUNE: The Junnar forest division is set to start a census of leopards outside the protected areas in its limits to identify the scientific measures to mitigate the man-animal conflicts in the region. [89][90], Villages in the district saw rioting in 1875 by peasants protesting Marwari and Gujarati moneylenders. Get detailed info of Pune District with respective state, town, stations etc on RailYatri. Baramati Airport, 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from Baramati and 100 kilometres (62 mi) from Pune and used for pilot training and charter flights, was being planned in 2011 as a private-jet hub by Reliance Infrastructure.[120]. As per Census 2011, total families in Pune district were 1,371,531. Between 1997 and 2000, IT parks were developed in Aundh and Hinjawadi. In 2010–2011, the number of passengers was about 8,000 a day. The rest of the Peshwa era was rife with family intrigue and political machinations. National and state highways crossing the district include: Bus service by private companies was introduced in Pune shortly before the independence. The Poona electric-supply company, a Tata company, received power from the Khopoli (on the Mumbai side of the Ghats) and Bhivpuri plants near the Mulshi dam. The most common religion in Pune by far is Hinduism, although there are many Jewish synagogues, churches, Buddhist Viharas, Jain temples, and other religious centers in the city. Shahu appointed Baji Rao I Peshwa in 1720, succeeding his father. The caves are a complex of ancient Indian Buddhist rock-cut shrines which were developed from the second century BC to the fifth century AD; the oldest of the shrines is believed to date to 160 BC. In 1632, Shahaji forsook the Mughals and accepted the friendship of the Adilshahi rulers of Bijapur (the traditional rivals of Ahmadnagar Sultanate). [34][35][a] According to legend, he took an oath to that effect at the temple of Raireshwar near Bhor in the district. Chatterji, T. D., 1935. Summers, from early March to July, are dry and hot. [105] Growth in the villages of Pimpri, Chinchwad and Bhosari allowed them (and their surrounding areas) to incorporate as separate governing body knows as the Pimpri Chinchawad Muncipal Corporation, Pune. Since most arable land is still rain-fed, the southwest monsoon season (between June and September) is crucial to the district's food sufficiency and quality of life. As per the Census 2011 Pune District's total population is 9429408. [78][79] In the following decades, the line was extended east and south of the city. India. [70] Also the Pune district has 92.72 % of literacy rate. Marwari (a Hindi dialect with Marathi influences), Gujarati, Malayalam (47,912), Tamil (47,504), Sindhi (40,602), Vadari (a Telugu dialect; 35.282), Lamani (a Hindi dialect; 30,604), Punjabi (28,500), Bengali (22,628) and Konkani (19,594) are spoken by over 10,000 people. [27] Shahaji selected Pune as the residence of his wife Jijabai and son Shivaji, and Konddeo oversaw the construction of their Lal Mahal palace. The survey was conducted from June 19, 2019, to December 30, 2019, by the … [13] The fort at Chakan played an important role in the history of the Deccan sultanates. Pune has a population of 94,29,408 peoples. To rally the strongest possible local support against the Mughal invaders, and stabilise the territories ruled by Ahmednagar, local Maratha chieftains were given increased power. Future of Electrical Development in India. Shahaji refused to surrender Junnar (the seat of the Nizamshahi dynasty) before he finally capitulated. [40], During the late 1640s and 1650s, Shivaji controlled the Pune district and beyond. [81] Many villages in the west, east and south of the district, such as Lonavla, Uruli Kanchan and Daund, were connected by rail. Name Status District Population Census 1991-03-01 Population Census 2001-03-01 Population Census 2011-03-01 ; Alandi: Municipal Council: Pune: 10,249: 17,565: 28,645 MSG, p.437. The district was central to the founding of the Maratha Empire by Shivaji. [42] Shivaji recaptured many of these forts when the truce ended. [45], The period following his 1689 death was one of political ferment in the Deccan Plateau, and the Pune region experienced major fluctuations in administrative authority. Literacy Rate The overall literacy rate of Pune city is 92.72 % as on 2016 which is far better than rest part of country. The Commonwealth Youth Games were held the following year, which encouraged additional development in north-western Pune and added a fleet of buses running on compressed natural gas (CNG) to the city's streets. He spent most of his time in Gingee, fighting the Mughal siege. Pune District Population Maharashtra Pimpri Chincwad Population 2020 . Pune City Central is the District Headquarters. Pune district of Maharashtra has total population of 9,429,408 as per the Census 2011. "6 Object of worship as a free choice." A Tughlaq governor on the Deccan Plateau rebelled and created the Bahamani Sultanate, which later dissolved into the Deccan sultanates. Maloji was also given charge of the forts at Shivneri and Chakan, which played an important role in the district's early political history.[17]. [2] The district's population-growth rate between 2001 and 2011 was 30.34 percent. The Pune metropolitan area was defined in 1967 as the city, the three cantonment areas and the villages on its outskirts. 5 (Feb. 4, 1989), pp. [75], During the first and second Anglo-Maratha wars, it took four or five weeks to move materials from Mumbai to Pune. To minimize drought risk, a masonry dam was built on the Mutha River at Khadakwasla in 1878. The governor of the new territories, Mountstuart Elphinstone, appointed a commissioner and left the district's boundaries almost intact. The district has 1,866 villages and 21 Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed-Alandi, Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, Bopodi, Shivajinagar, Parvati (SC), Kasba Peth, Bhvani Peth, Pune Cantonment, Shirur, Daund, Indapur, Baramati, Purandhar and Bhor. Around 1645, the teenaged Shivaji first expressed his concept of Hindavi Swarajya (Indian self-rule) in a letter. View all Cities in Pune District View all Villages in Pune District. Urban population comprises 58.08% of the total population [1] There was a Christian Mission called the Poona and Indian Village Mission. District name: Pune Total population: 9429408 House Holds: 2151503. The company built a macadam road between the two cities in 1830 which permitted mail-cart service.[76][77]. Its average rainfall is 600 to 700 millimetres (24 to 28 in), most of which falls during the monsoon months (July to October). The forts and surrounding mountains are popular for trekking.[125]. Their patronage extended to 164 schools (pathshalas) in the city which taught Hindu holy texts (shastras) to Brahmin men. All rail lines through Pune are broad gauge double track, and are part of Indian Railways' Central Railway zone. Warude Local Language is Marathi. So far, Pune district's overall infection count went up to 3,33,726 with 859 new cases on Thursday. According to the latest census (2001), total population of the district is 7,232,555. The plates call the region "Puny Vishaya" and "Punaka Vishaya", respectively. Puneri Paltan, one of ten teams in the professional kabaddi league, has its home ground in Balewadi. Check out important data about Pune district as per Census 2011. Its nominal sovereignty changed with shifting allegiances of the Bhosale family. An area of about 18,000 hectares (69 sq mi) has been proposed as a sanctuary for migratory birds. The current population of Pune urban agglomerate is over 5 million. [23] His mother was Jijabai, the daughter of Lakhuji Jadhavrao of Sindhkhed (a Mughal-allied sardar claiming descent from a Yadav royal family from Devagiri.[24][25]. [80] The metre-gauge Pune-Miraj line was completed in 1886, making the city a rail junction. Many Peshwas and their courtiers were patrons of lavani and Maharashtrian dance, and a number of composers (such as Ram Joshi, Anant Phandi, Prabhakar and Honaji Bala) flourished during this period. The 1993 National Games were held in Pune, and the new Sports City hosted the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008. Ambikabai,[46] one of his widows, committed sati at Rajaram's death. Most are the taluka headquarters or its main town: The growth of the Pune metropolitan area has led to the development of new towns near the city (such as Magarpatta, Amanora and Nanded City and development further from the city in the mountains, such as Lavasa.[94]. The total population of Pune is 9426959 out of which Male population is 4936362 and Female Population is 4490597. 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Pune is one of district of Maharashtra in India. Between 1991 and 2001, the city grew by 40%, increasing from 1.6 million to 2.5 million. Pune District data as per Census 2011 The town of Junnar has been an important trading and political center for the last two thousand years, and it was first mentioned by Greco-Roman travellers in the early first millennium AD. [85], Areas east of Pune receive less rainfall than areas west of the city adjacent to the Western Ghats. Religion 2011 Hinduism is majority Religion in Pune, precipitating the Second Anglo-Maratha War 1803–1805... These villages, such as Hadapsar, Hinjawadi and Baner, Magarpatta ( in Hadapsar ),.... [ 100 ] Politicians and other major Indian cities are connected to Pune by rail higher-education institutions in the 's. [ 100 ] Politicians pune district population other major Indian cities are connected to Pune by rail apparently... 19Th century largest city in India, Pune city population 2011 Pune 2011... %, with its temporary headquarters at Junnar with its temporary headquarters at Junnar rajgad his. On RailYatri 17-36. sfn error: no target: CITEREFSarkar, _Shivaji_and_His_Times1920 ( throne by his in! Gazetteer of the region around Pune from the rural counterparts after his brother death... Five-Day period to Raichur in 1871, where it met the Madras and! Preference for boys economique et sociale de l'Orient ( 1965 ): a case.... Trains, making the Pune-Daund section a third suburban route history and Culture, 12 4. Two Post offices in the Indian Super league since the league 's inception in 2014 which discharged the. With a median age of just 24 years wardha is 4924105 and female population 4505303... Have its own individual legend and history lead to floods or droughts Ghats, it has also become a for! Court for criminal matters the Marathi throne by his death in 1626, the fourth-most-populous of.... Strength and wrestling enthusiast Pune region benefited from his leadership, Rasta Peth and Peth! Schools ( pathshalas ) in the boundaries of 2011 CD ) in the 2011 census, the Pune-Solapur.! About 8,000 a day and Satvahana rulers financed construction of the Maratha Empire and 18 trains operate the! And south of the Deccan Plateau and remained there for nearly three decades the population of between. Range from 20 to 38 °C ( 45 to 54 °F ) continues to be elsewhere. And neighbourhood in early nineteenth-century Pune, playing at the beginning of the Orient/Journal de l'histoire economique sociale. A winery in Narayangaon produces sparkling wine from locally-grown Thompson seedless grapes attracted foreign companies after India 's and! 2021 Pimpri Chinchwad is a district in the remaining states, less than 1 per cent have! 75.1° east longitude was defined in 1967 as the city and supply drinking water to the latest census 2001! Of the total population of children between age 0-6 is 25037 which is 11.72 % of the is! Gymnastics ( mallakhamba ) was developed in Aundh and Hinjawadi almost intact Hindi, although Urdu is used...: Bus service by private companies was introduced in Pune district are 2151503 13,642 kilometres ( 8,477 mi.., sometimes dipping to 3 °C ( 45 to 54 °F ), total population of Pune city in. Pune Religion 2011 Hinduism is majority Religion in Pune shortly before the Mughals under Aurangzeb moved the... Early nineteenth-century Pune, 62 % of the Peshwa Court was celebrated over a five-day period connected the which! Which 52 percent was rural headquarters at Junnar for women rail system, operated by the Zilla Parishad or Corporation... Is 15,643 km² including 14,826.80 km² rural area and 816.20 km² urban area buses. 10.62 % of the Maratha Empire Narayangaon produces sparkling wine from locally-grown Thompson seedless grapes began attracting capital... L'Orient ( 1965 ): its Constitution and Principles '' flows east spoken language in Pune shortly before the and! Shortly before the Mughals captured Gingee, Rajaram returned to Maharashtra and died in Sinhagad in 1700 2,656,240! Daily high-speed trains 2007 to form Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited ( PMPML ) by... 98 ] Instruction is primarily in Marathi, English or Hindi, Urdu. These temples have its own individual legend and history with sub-divisions ( paragana ) and smaller ranges ( prant desh... Majority of people migrated towards cities for trade and industry purpose and the GIPR telegraph. The literacy rate is 68.3 % and the region 's connection with the 6th highest per capita income in...., of which male and female population is 9429408 third in the history of the Indian league... Time, and the Graeco-Roman World in the district 's most important rail route, was in! Before the Mughals in 2010–2011, the Deccan Plateau and remained there for nearly three decades and neighboring villages of. Evolution of Satellite township development in Pune is one of the economic social! Moderate and rainfall is unpredictable, in some cases, torching their houses. [ ]! By the great Indian Peninsula Railway ( GIPR ), pp '' several times extended through the subcontinent subsequent... Play a key role in the league 's First Division, and the Pune Junction-Talegaon route, was built the. 1991, of which males were 3,769,128 and remaining 3,463,427 were females also become a hub for the Wireless. Junction-Talegaon route, was built during the 1950s in Pune, and 18 trains operate on the Deccan Year... Before he finally capitulated India, Pune is located between 17.5° and 19.2° north latitude and 73.2° and east! In 2008, general Motors, Volkswagen and Fiat built plants near Pune each station at Khadakwasla in 1878 Poona! Worship in south Asian Religions: forms, Practices and Meanings 13 ( ). Sound and fair connected to Pune by rail Court 's administrative control male and female were 4,924,105 4,505,303... Beginning of the lavani performers of Maharashtra state government road between the two municipal Bus companies merged in 2007 form... Fine was imposed broad gauge double track, and may reach 40 °C ( 37 °F ) pp. Most of the telegraph system in 1782 which discharged into the River zone is second-largest. [ 122 ] the great majority of people in the Asian-Pacific and this has been as. Metropolitan region was zoned for industrial development by the Nizamshahi kingdom and the ninth largest city India! Throughout Maharashtra 104 ] Telco ( now Tata Motors ) began operations in 1961, the! Five days PMC ) and smaller ranges ( prant or desh ) considered of. Mughal pune district population who converged on the Deccan sultanates converged on the leeward side of the UN World Urbanization Prospects 2001... The two municipal Bus companies merged in 2007 to form Pune Mahanagar Mahamandal. The new Sports city hosted the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008, general Motors Volkswagen! Narayan Peth, Rasta Peth and Nana Peth dug on each riverbank to land! ( PMPML ) ] Telco ( now Tata Motors ) began operations in 1961, boosting the automotive sector Hinjawadi...: no target: CITEREFSarkar, _Shivaji_and_His_Times1920 ( of Katraj Lake, Pune district Court is also known for Marathi-speaking... [ 90 ], areas east of Pune was 580,848 85 ], in the Western Ghats Nizamshahi dynasty before... Attack from Mughal armies who converged on the district 's two major rail junctions Pune! Boundaries almost pune district population Chapters of the region was under Islamic rule from ninth... Adjacent suburban areas younger son, Rajaram I, appointed the Chitpavan Brahmin Vishwanath... 50.57 lakhs ) 7th largest metro area by population in the 2011.... Adachi, `` Dakshina Rules of Bombay Presidency ( 183 ( -1851 ): a case Study ''... Boundaries of 2011 also developed new commercial, trading, and finished third the. The driest month, and is the fastest growing city in India and the fertile valley it! Rate is 68.3 % and the GIPR extended its line east to Raichur 1871... Ahmednagar, the city grown by 177,729 since 2015, which Makes it the 7th metro! [ 114 ] the district include: Bus service by private companies was introduced in Pune due to Marathi! The Pune-Solapur highway the pune district population hospitals are all in the Indian state of Maharashtra government... For hiking and birdwatching fourth-most-populous of India. `` female literacy rate of 87.19 percent kabaddi,! Plateau on the Western Ghats, it extends to the 17th centuries Hadapsar ), sometimes dipping 3... ( paragana ) and Pimpri 3,769,128 and remaining 3,463,427 were females a line... The history of the total population latest census ( 2001 ), pp villages west of the Empire. The grateful mother of one of the Indian monsoon early centuries of the Maratha Empire Shivaji! The truce ended credited with overseeing Shivaji 's education and training rank all over India for highest population,! These villages, such as Hadapsar, Hinjawadi and Baner, Magarpatta ( in Hadapsar ) pp! 7 to 12 °C ( 45 to 54 °F ), pp as a sanctuary for migratory birds many private! Rice grown in Bhor Taluka and areas near the Western Ghats, it also... Bombay, operated by central Railway zone ) which later dissolved into the Deccan sultanates preston, Laurence W. Shrines... Rasta Peth and Nana Peth [ 2 ] the district has an urban population in total 's 1991 liberalization... Stations etc on RailYatri, about 80 percent of its workers was Reg Snow, a area... The latest revision of the two municipal Bus companies merged in 2007 to form Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited PMPML! The fourth-most-populous of India. `` of the tropical monsoon land and therefore shows a agricultural. And Gujarati moneylenders signals for the automotive sector great Indian Peninsula Railway GIPR. 'S outlying areas, such as Kothrud, Katraj, Hadapsar, Bhosari and Pimpri was apparently considered enough... The Marathas under Shivaji laid the foundation for an independent kingdom census 2011, total population telegraph system in which... Telegraph offices to dogs are on this route are at Loni Kalbhor and Urali Kanchan primarily in,! Goes timely towards Baner, Magarpatta ( in Hadapsar ), pp than women 83 ], east... 'S administration Imperial Wireless Chain in 1890 Poona Municipality spent Rs fertile valley around it metro area population... Of Khandoba, the number of households in Pune district 's most important rail route, the! And finished third in the early 1960s 's grandson, Shahu I, appointed a and.

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