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Clickable US SVG Map

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US Clickable SVG Map is a WordPress plugin which enables you to insert a responsive map of the United States anywhere on your post or page. You can adjust the appearance and functionality of the map to taste.

It’s for both WordPress Users and Developers.

Quickly hook functions to individual state when it is clicked or hovered

What makes it really interesting?

  • Every state is clickable and fully customizable
  • Create custom javascript functions when all or each state is clicked or hovered on
  • SEO firendly – Set default content if map cannot be displayed
  • It is responsive, so you don’t have to worry about size
  • Easily zoom and resize the map
  • Supports all modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+
  • Based on raphael.js and jQuery

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$20 USD

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January 01, 1970


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