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Free WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, Very Easy

By default, WooCommerce does not provide a way to add checkout fields to the checkout page. You must know how to write custom code to add a simple text input to your checkout page or use any of the paid plugins. Today I will show you how to use a free WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor … Continued

Elizabeth Towoju

Sage 9 or Sage 10: When to use Sage WordPress Framework

I’m a big fan of the Sage WordPress framework. I think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to WordPress development. As someone who has used Underscores and Genesis, I think Sage is what you should be using if you’re familiar with Laravel development. So, if you’re wondering, should I use Sage 9 … Continued

David Towoju

Add custom fields to Restrict Content Pro

There are two ways to add custom fields to Restrict Content Pro: hardcoding all by yourself or the easy way of using a specialised tool built for the job. If you are in a dilemma like Robert Frost, I am here to help you. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not … Continued

David Towoju

How to Select Multiple Resources in WooCommerce Booking

[su_note note_color=”#fdf8ad”]Hurray!!! The plugin is now available for download here [/su_note] It’s possible!!! You can select multiple bookable resources and book them at once. WooCommerce Booking is the most popular date and time booking plugin available for WordPress and yet so many tweak requests are being made daily. After devoting my time to understand how this … Continued

David Towoju

Create WooCommerce vendor on user registration

Today, I will share with you a snippet that would allow you to make a WordPress user or WooCommerce customer to become a woocommerce vendor upon registration. The first part of the code will make anyone that signs up to your website a Product vendor while the second part of the code will make only … Continued

David Towoju

Add Transparent Background to Site Origin Rows

I want you to know that you can add color overlays to Site Origin row. That is, you can add transparency to your row background images. Now that you know, let me show you how. Add CSS class to Site Origin Row I am sure you know how to do this but in case you … Continued

David Towoju

DIVI: Choose Different Sidebars in Posts and Pages

When you are creating a post or page in Divi, more often than not, you are ‘forced’ to do away with the good old sidebar. But I have found myself wanting to combine the best of both worlds. I want to use the Divi editor with different sidebars on different posts or pages. Sometimes, you … Continued

David Towoju